Using States in UFPS

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Customize Movement in UFPS with States

In this UFPS video we’ll be going over how to use states. States allow us to quickly move between different movements smoothly without complicated scripting or animation sequences. UFPS uses “states” which are essentially just text files containing script settings which are called whenever a state is active. So the vp_FPController script will have states that are specific to that script.

These states just include a list of various settings to use whenever that state is active. So a weapon state might include a reload state in which the weapon is moved slightly off screen using different position settings then return back to it’s “default” position once the state is now longer active.

In this video we’ll be going over how states are used for individual scripts that allow them and how to use some popular states found in the demo version. States we’ll cover include the old school shooter, Mech/Dino and the Astronaut.

To make things easy we’ll be using the “default” state to add in these new states. In the default state you can only make changes to the settings while the game is being played. If you add in a new state altogether then you can make changes even when you’re not playing the game but that requires a bit more work and may even need scripting in order to work. Since this is just covering the basics of the states system we will not be jumping into scripting.

Software Used

UFPS by VisionPunk

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