Using the Mobile Addon for UFPS

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Lets play with the Mobile Addon for UFPS

In this UFPS tutorial we’ll be taking a look at how to use the Mobile Addon. I used this addon to create a mobile game called “Triggered” which is currently on the app store. We’ll need to use UFPS in order for the addon will work.

First we’ll start off by showing you how the mobile controls work within UFPS. The mobile controller comes with a basic set of touch buttons including a fire, jump, sprint, reload, zoom (iron sights) and reload buttons to name a few. It also displays health and ammo status which updates in real time just like UFPS for desktop.

Once you understand how the controller works we’ll  take a look at how we can create a mobile character from scratch. Using the prefabs that come with the addon we’ll be using the player prefab along with the “UI” prefab. The UI prefab contains all the GUI elements of our mobile controller.

It can be a bit confusing at times as things aren’t as straightforward as they should be but it’s fairly easy to setup once you understand. We’ll end the tutorial by showing you how you can space out the default buttons and how to change the color of the GUI objects.

This UFPS addon is a great addition and will definitely help you build a mobile first person game quickly. After you setup your mobile character the rest is fairly easy as it follow the same UFPS features the only difference being that now everything is controlled via touch inputs.


Software Used

UFPS and UFPS Mobile Addon by Vision Punk


Triggered Game


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