Tree Creator in Unity3d Pt 2

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Finishing Our Tree with Textures and Leaves

In this Unity┬átutorial we’ll finish up our tree by adding leaves and textures to it. We’ll also go over how to use the wind zone settings so that you can see your trees “come to life”. Make sure you watch the first part of this two part tutorial in order to create your trunk and branches. Once you’ve done that you can get started by applying textures.

You’ll need to ensure that you have the textures imported into your scene so that you can use the tree textures that come with Unity. We’ll use the same bark texture for our entire tree as this will make it all look uniform and more realistic. Now if you added broken branches to your tree in the first part of this tutorial you can apply a broken branch material here as well.

After we’ve added our trunk and branch textures we’ll get into adding leaves. Now the leaves portion usually slows down our computer, so don’t make any drastic changes to your settings or your computer will have a hard time keeping up. Take it slow and make small changes. We’ll be using a default leave texture that comes with Unity3d, but ideally you’d want to use a custom leave mesh for realistic looking leaves.

The 2d textured leaves literally look like paper but for this tutorial we’ll just cover the basics. Once you’ve got the leaves the way you want them we’ll play around with some of the wind settings, such as turbulence and take a look at how those settings effect our tree. When we’re all done we’ll create a prefab so that you can use this tree in other projects.


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