Tree Creator in Unity3d Pt 1

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Creating Trees within Unity

In this Unity tutorial we will go over how to use the tree creator to build a tree from scratch so that we can later use it in our terrain editing. This will be a two part tutorial, the first one covering the trunk and branches and the second one covering how to create the leaves and finally use it in a terrain scene.

The tree creator within Unity3d allows you to create custom trees for your scenes. The biggest reason why you would want to use the tree creator within Unity is because only trees created within Unity can be effected by wind zones.  You can create really realistic trees in other 3d applications and import them but unless you have an animation on them Unity will just treat them as static immobile meshes.

Trees created within Unity allow you to create wind zones that make the leaves and branches sway when effected by wind zones. So this first part of the tutorial will cover modeling of our tree trunk followed by the branches. We’ll also discuss the different settings within the tree creator to include “breakage”, or in other words, broken branches.

We’ll discuss how to create a flared out trunk and the placing of our branches along the trunk. We won’t worry about textures or leaves at this point, we just want to make sure our tree looks good, shape-wise. In part two we’ll finish up our tree with leaves and textures to bring our tree to life and we’ll place it in our scene.

Watch Part 2 here 


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  1. Smtabatabaie says:

    Hi , thanks for the great tutorial. I’m trying to make some palm trees and in the unity document here :
    there is an image of a palm tree. I wanted to know if there are built-in materials to make such palm tree or I have to make the textures and materials myself.
    thanks very much

    • There should be textures to create palm trees by default in Unity3d. Regardless there is a free Unity package that contains a lot of terrain meshes on the asset store and you can also find a lot of free textures off The default textures that come with Unity aren’t the best.

  2. Smtabatabaie says:

    Thanks very much ,are these trees get rendered like terrain? the reason I want to use this is that I’ve got a scene which the default camera view contains a lot of palm trees and when the application tries to render all of my trees the fps drops significantly.

    • Well that’ll happened regardless of what you’re creating. If you have too much of anything in your scene it’ll slow down. I’ve had scenes with a lot of trees and it’s been quite fast so it really depends on your trees, textures, and other things in your scene.

  3. Smtabatabaie says:

    Thanks , so these trees generated by tree creator don’t support LOD distance (level of detail) like terrains do?

    • I believe they do but I haven’t dealt with that much. If your scene is slowing down you’ll need to adjust your camera so that it’s not trying to render objects way off in the distance. Also use smaller textures and don’t go crazy with the detail in the models. I mostly use low poly models and try to get the most of out my textures using Normal Maps and at times height maps to mimic real geometry.

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