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Unity is a game engine and one of the easiest and most robust out there. I’ve used Unreal Development Kit (UDK), Cryengine and a few other not so well known ones and this one by far is my favorite. It’s free to use and even free to develop and sell your own games (up to about $10k revenue). They have a Pro version that has all the bells and whistles including some really awesome lighting and camera effects along with some realistic water physics. At Xenosmash Games this is the game engine I exclusively teach and for a reason. It’s getting better and better each year and if you’re looking for a a multi-platform game engine that can publish to all the most popular systems at the push of a button then look no further.


Blender (OSX/Windows/Linux)

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So with the big names in 3d like 3D Studio Max and Maya, you have another great contender, Blender. Blender is a free 3d modelling program that rivals the big guys. It’s free to use, download and create your own realistic looking 3d models. Just about anything the other programs can do, Blender can do as well. Animation, sculpting, rigging, special effects, Blender can do it. I love Blender because it’s constantly getting better and better and the stuff that is being created with it is nothing short of amazing. Blender is here to stay at Xenosmash Games and we’ll be covering in depth tutorials on how to use Blender with Unity to create some amazing games at a fraction of the cost that you’d spend with all the other fancy tools bigger companies use.



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CGTextures has thousands of free textures








CGtextures is an invaluable resource for downloading any type of texture you could need for your projects. I use it exclusively for all the tutorials on this site and have yet to have an issue finding what I’m looking for. The textures are free to download with a free membership. They have multiple versions of textures in different resolutions including some tileable textures to create a very nice seamless look.


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Ultimate FPS for Unity

Ultimate FPS

UFPS by Vision Punk Ultimate FPS or UFPS for short is an absolute must for anyone looking to build a first person style game, whether that be a shooter or an adventure game. UFPS boasts all the tools needed to quickly create a first person game with a ton of features and settings to play around with. It’s easy to use and easy to modify. UFPS also has a few addons which I recommend as well. Some include the mobile addon, which extends the functionality of UFPS into a mobile platform. The other is the AI addon which provides AI like enemies that you can tweak and customize to your liking. It’s constantly being updated and getting better and better. The best part is it’s incredibly cheap at $20, and I’ve seen it go as low as $10 which is an absolute steal. This asset is well worth it and definitely in my arsenal when it comes to all things first person.


SubstanceSubstance Designer and Substance Painter I recently starting using both of these after looking for a solution to create realistic textures for game assets. I wanted something that allowed me to easily paint textures onto a game asset without having to use any weird magic in playing with the UVs of said objects. I found Substance by Allegorithmic which does just that. Now while painting 3d models is far from new, Substance is dedicated to doing it for game development which is a huge win for me. It’s very robust and allows you to not only adjust and paint textures in multiple formats all at once (diffuse, normal, height, specular, etc) but you can then tweak them even further using Substance Designer. It’s like having Photoshop for game texturing. Another thing that really attracted me to this set of tools was that I could create dynamic textures within Unity. You could set up a gun barrel that glows red hot and return back to it’s default metal textures after a set time. You can use weathering effects to create a more realistic world. Best of all is that you can easily lower the “expense” of your in game memory by reducing the size of your textures. This makes it ideal for use in mobile and web games where a small foot print is often required. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s interested in taking their bland models to the next level.



This page will be continued to be updated with any new awesome tools and resources I come along! Enjoy these resources and let me know what tools you suggest.



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