Tree Creator in Unity3d Pt 1

Creating Trees within Unity In this Unity tutorial we will go over how to use the tree creator to build a tree from scratch so that we can later use it in our terrain editing. This will be a two part tutorial, the first one covering the trunk and branches and the second one covering how […]

Raycast, Bullet Holes, and Random Arrays

Randomize Bullet Holes with Arrays In this Unity tutorial we will be going over a few different things. First we’ll discuss how to create a Raycast that we’ll apply to the front of our weapon. Then we’ll create bullet hole textures that will be randomly instantiated from an array using random.range in our script. This is […]

Raycast Force and Ejecting Bullet Shells in Unity

Impact Forces and Ejecting Bullet Shells In this Unity tutorial we’ll be showing you how to apply force to rigidbodies in our game with our raycast. We’ll also go over how to “eject” bullet shells from our gun. We’ll start off by modifying our previous raycast script by using “Add Force” which will apply a force […]

Explosive Rocket Launcher in Unity

Create Rockets that Explode Upon Impact In this Unity tutorial we’ll go over how to create a simple rocket launcher that shoots out explosive rockets that explode on impact with other rigidbodies’ colliders. This can be used to shoot out any type of explosive projectile. We’ll start off by creating a simple “rocket launcher” cylinder, then […]

Creating a Rocket with Constant Force in Unity

Use Force to Launch a Rocket In this Unity tutorial we will be showing you how to create a simple rocket that uses the constant force physics components to launch our model rocket. We will be using Javascript for key input scripting. We will also briefly go over how to use the trail renderer to create […]

Ammo GUI Update in Unity

Use a GUI to Track Ammo Count In this Unity tutorial we will be using the Coconut Cannon files to add a “Ammo GUI” for our ammo count. We will add some Javascript that will enable us to have a GUI that updates our current ammo count and total ammo available in real time. This is […]

Coconut Cannon Shoot and Reload in Unity

Shooting and Reloading In this Unity 3d tutorial we will be creating a coconut cannon that can shoot coconuts and be reloaded. We’ll go over how to create a Javascript file that reloads (with sound effects) and subtracts from our total “ammo” available. We will also  destroy the game object after it has been created. […]

Crosshairs and Camera zoom in Unity

Add a Crosshair and Zoom to a Camera In this Unity tutorial we will be going over how to create a simple crosshair (a dot in this tutorial) to replace our cursor arrow. Then we’ll show you how to use a script that will be applied to our camera to zoom in using the “Field of […]

Unity Pro Video Textures

Use Video Clips as Textures In this Unity Pro tutorial we will be showing you how to create video textures and apply them to game objects in Unity Pro. We’ll also create a script to play two separate videos on our TV screen models. In this video we have a simple scene set up with a […]

Unity Pro Image Effects: Global Fog

Create a Spooky Atmosphere with Global Fog In this Unity tutorial we will go over how to use the global fog image effect in Unity Pro. This fog effect creates a much more realistic effect opposed to the basic fog settings found under the “render settings”. The pro version of “Global Fog” gives you much more […]