Unity 3d Quick Tips

Unity Quick Tip: Instant Materials In this Unity 3d Quick tip we’ll show you how to quickly create materials by simply applying a texture directly to a game object.     Unity Quick Tip: Visible Private Variables In this Unity 3d quick tip we’ll show you how to make private variables in a script visible […]

Crazy Bump Normal Maps in Unity3d

Create Detailed Textures with CrazyBump In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll show you how to use Crazy Bump to create normal maps for Unity3d. You can create normal maps without Crazy Bump but after using this simple program you’d be crazy, no pun intended (well maybe), not to use it. We’ll go over the basics of […]

Tree Creator in Unity3d Pt 2

Finishing Our Tree with Textures and Leaves In this Unity┬átutorial we’ll finish up our tree by adding leaves and textures to it. We’ll also go over how to use the wind zone settings so that you can see your trees “come to life”. Make sure you watch the first part of this two part tutorial […]

Blender Concepts 5: Textures and Displacement

Learn to Texture in Blender In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll go over the basics of adding textures to our models in Blender. We’ll show you how to import textures and apply them to your model. We’ll also go over more texturing techniques including normal maps and displacement maps. Blender can be downloaded at┬áblender.org Jonathan GonzalezI […]