Bullet Tracers in UFPS (Unity)

Create Bullet Tracers in UFPS In this UFPS tutorial we’ll be going over how to create bullet tracers. UFPS uses Raycasting for shooting logic which means no “physical” bullets are being fired. If you’re using a projectile that actually fires from your weapon you could just as easily apply a trail renderer to it and […]

Playing with Fire in Unity

Create Fire with the Shuriken Particle System In this Unity tutorial we’ll go over how to create a realistic looking fire effect using the Shuriken particle system in Unity3d. We’ll start off by creating a simple particle system using the new Shuriken system found within Unity 4. Adjust the lifetime to something you like, this will […]

Creating Smoke with Shuriken Particle System in Unity

Create Realistic Smoke In this Unity tutorial we’ll show you how to create smoke in unity3d’s shuriken particle system. The shuriken particle system is Unity3d’s most up to date particle system, hence reason we’re using it. In this video we’ll go over the settings in the properties panel for creating our particle system. Settings include the […]

Grenade Launcher in Unity3d

What you’ll learn In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll show you how to create a grenade launcher in Unity3d. This grenade launcher will shoot out grenades that explode  and add force to our rigidbody boxes in our scene. We’ll be making some changes to our default grenade from a previous video by including an explosion sound […]