Displaying UI with OnMouseOver

Using Mouse Over to Control the Display of UI Elements In-Game In this Unity 4.6 tutorial I’ll show you how you can use the OnMouseOver function in C# to display a UI element. In this case we’ll be using a World Space¬†canvas to display our UI elements as a 3d object. What this means is […]

Ammo GUI Update in Unity

Use a GUI to Track Ammo Count In this Unity¬†tutorial we will be using the Coconut Cannon files to add a “Ammo GUI” for our ammo count. We will add some Javascript that will enable us to have a GUI that updates our current ammo count and total ammo available in real time. This is […]

Creating a GUI in Photoshop and Unity3d Part 1

What you’ll learn In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll show you how to design a GUI for use in Unity3d. We’ll start our first part of this tutorial by designing the play and exit buttons along with the title of our GUI menu. This video will solely cover the design of these GUI elements within Photoshop […]