Unity 3D Environmental Series

Learn How to Create Terrain in Unity In this Unity 3d Environmental Series we will show you how to create your own custom terrain in Unity 3d. We will be going over things like using Crazy Bump to create normal maps for our terrain. Then we’ll jump into Unity to start sculpting. In this course […]

Unity 3D Concepts

Getting Started with Unity Welcome to the Unity 3d Concepts tutorial series. This Unity 3d video course was created from scratch and gives you a thorough understanding of the Unity3d engine. It was designed with Unity3d version 4.1 but is still applicable till 4.5.2. Learn why Unity 3d is great for developing your own games. […]

Grenades and Explosions in Unity3d

What you’ll learn In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll go over how to create a simple grenade that explodes just seconds after we throw it. We’ll create a Javascript file to create an explosion that will react to rigidbodies nearby and cause them to fall over or even fly up in the air once hit. Copy […]