Using States in UFPS

Customize Movement in UFPS with States In this UFPS video we’ll be going over how to use states. States allow us to quickly move between different movements smoothly without complicated scripting or animation sequences. UFPS uses “states” which are essentially just text files containing script settings which are called whenever a state is active. So […]

Footsteps in UFPS

Textures and the Footstep Manager In this video we’ll go over how to use the “Footstep Manager” in UFPS to setup footstep audio clips. There are a few ways to set this up but you’ll need to ensure that the footstep manager has the textures you’ll want for specific audio clips. For this tutorial we’ll […]

Weapon Cycle in Unity3d

Cycle through Weapons with Arrays In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll go over how to cycle between two different weapons using an array. We’ll start off by positioning our weapons against our first person controller. Both weapons should ideally be in the same spot for congruency. Make sure that you have an empty game object that […]

Grenades and Explosions in Unity3d

What you’ll learn In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll go over how to create a simple grenade that explodes just seconds after we throw it. We’ll create a Javascript file to create an explosion that will react to rigidbodies nearby and cause them to fall over or even fly up in the air once hit. Copy […]

Machine Gun Automatic Fire in Unity3d

In ┬áthis Xenosmash tutorial we’ll show you how to increase the rate of fire to mimic a machine gun rate of fire. We’ll be using “GetButton” so that when we hold down the left click button we’ll have automatic fire based off ┬áthe rate of fire set in our variable “fireRate”. We will also edit […]