Sticky Bomb in Unity

Use Joints to Create a Sticky Bomb In this Unity┬átutorial we’ll show you how to create a simple sticky bomb grenade. We’ll first start off by adding an empty game object directly in front of our first person controller. This will be used to instantiate our sticky bombs. Create a prefab of your sticky bomb […]

Raycast Force and Ejecting Bullet Shells in Unity

Impact Forces and Ejecting Bullet Shells In this Unity┬átutorial we’ll be showing you how to apply force to rigidbodies in our game with our raycast. We’ll also go over how to “eject” bullet shells from our gun. We’ll start off by modifying our previous raycast script by using “Add Force” which will apply a force […]

Explosive Rocket Launcher in Unity

Create Rockets that Explode Upon Impact In this Unity┬átutorial we’ll go over how to create a simple rocket launcher that shoots out explosive rockets that explode on impact with other rigidbodies’ colliders. This can be used to shoot out any type of explosive projectile. We’ll start off by creating a simple “rocket launcher” cylinder, then […]

Grenades and Explosions in Unity3d

What you’ll learn In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll go over how to create a simple grenade that explodes just seconds after we throw it. We’ll create a Javascript file to create an explosion that will react to rigidbodies nearby and cause them to fall over or even fly up in the air once hit. Copy […]