Blender Concepts Part 6: Animation

Learn Animation in Blender In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll go over the basics of animating in Blender. This will be a basic video in which we will move a small cube around using the animation window at the bottom. Blender can be downloaded at Jonathan GonzalezI love all things in game development and want […]

Blender Concepts 4: Materials

Applying Materials in Blender In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll go over how to create materials within Blender. Creating materials is a very simple concept that is needed in order to give your models color and textures. We’ll create materials then go over all the settings involved for different materials. Jonathan GonzalezI love all things in […]

Blender Concepts 3: Edit Mode

Using Edit Mode in Blender In this BlenderĀ tutorial we will be continuing with our Blender Concepts tutorial series. In this tutorial we will be covering how to use the “edit mode” within blender to edit our mesh. We will show you how to select vertices, edges, and faces along with a few hotkeys to make […]

Blender Concepts 1: Movement

What you’ll learn In this Xenosmash tutorial we covering the basics of using Blender. This will be part of a multi-part tutorial series covering Blender Concepts. In this first part we will be going over what Blender is, where to download it and basic movement of objects within Blender. You can download Blender fromĀ  www.blender.orgJonathan […]