Realistic Smoke Trail in Unity

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Create a Smoke Trail for Missiles

In this two part Unity 3d tutorial we’ll be going over how to create a realistic smoke trail using the Shuriken particle system. We’ll be modifying a previously created smoke prefab so that we have a nice realistic smoke base to work from. This tutorial will only cover how to create the smoke trail and the next tutorial will go more in depth with created a homing missile that will use this smoke trail as well.

The original smoke tutorial can be located here:

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  1. Really cool, glad I found this website. It was kinda hard to find this site but it looks like there lots of cool content so keep producing ­čÖé Think you could do a text version of the key parts of the video. (Not every one can watch you tube(bing filtered)) XD. Have to say I love the idea of liking a video or subscribing to get some high quality free stuff. Sorry I don’t know how hard it is to make the videos so im not sure how ward it is to do some stuff, but hey want more people to visit the site…


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