Probuilder Basics in Unity 3d

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Use ProBuilder to Quickly Build Levels in Unity

In this video we’ll go over the basics of using Probuilder 2.0 in Unity3d. We cover how to import Probuilder, setup the visual toolset and then start building basic geometry. You’ll learn how to create shapes, edit them using the geometry mode and then finally go over how to texture different faces.

Other things we briefly cover are how to use texture groups to combine multiple faces into one group, how to mirror objects and flip face normals. Vertices, edges and faces will be used to push and pull our object into a shape that we want.

We’ll end this video tutorial by creating a simple cylindrical shape with textures from GameTextures. This video is the first video in this series that will cover how to properly use Probuilder to quickly design your levels all from within Unity3d.


Textures Used

Probuilder Resources

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