Playing with Fire in Unity

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Create Fire with the Shuriken Particle System

In this Unity tutorial we’ll go over how to create a realistic looking fire effect using the Shuriken particle system in Unity3d. We’ll start off by creating a simple particle system using the new Shuriken system found within Unity 4. Adjust the lifetime to something you like, this will increase or decrease the size of our flame.

We’ll change the particle emission rate and also change the radius and shape of our “emitter” object to be relatively thin. This will make our fire particles more concentrated.  Well add in some rotations to give us a more realistic look then apply a few more modifications to our fire. The particle system itself is fairly easy to create, but what brings this fire to life essentially is the texture that you use.

So you want to make sure you have a really nice, realistic looking fire texture. The one I will be using was downloaded off and below is a link to the actual fire textures I picked from. Pick one you like, but preferably one that has black edges all around the actual texture itself as this will make for a more realistic looking fire.

Use stretched billboard to give you an elongated texture, which actually helps us out in this case. You can finish it off by applying a yellowish/orange light to your fire to create a fire glow effect. If you’re using Unity Pro you can really create some awesome flame lighting here.


Flames0033 (Texture: #64409)


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