Mecanim Tips: Fixing Finger Bones

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Having issues with your rigged character’s finger bones?

A common question I get regarding rigged humanoid characters in Unity is that often times Unity will not know how to properly assign finger bones to their correct slot. While trying to get your rig setup for Mecanim you’ll notice that the rig shows up green, indicating that Unity does not recognize a problem with the bones.

This may not be indicative of a properly setup rig, as Unity is just checking to see if the required bones are properly mapped. Finger bones and bones in other extremities of our character are usually optional, indicated by a dashed line around a circle. So while your rig may look perfectly fine you may have something like this:



Incorrect Finger Bone Placement in Unity


In this video we’ll go over how to fix this common problem. Unfortunately this is a somewhat time consuming process that requires manual placement of these bones. The rig used in this video was created in MakeHuman with the Basic Rig selected.

This rig provides enough bones in the fingers for animations that require fingers to curl or move around independently. If you’re using a custom rig that you create yourself you may run into this issue as well. Watch the video above to find out how to do this.


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