MakeHuman Mecanim Animations in Unity

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Use MakeHuman and Mecanim to Animate Human Characters

In this video tutorial we’ll be going over how to create basic animation states for our MakeHuman character using the animator controller. The animations will be provided by the “Raw Mocap Data” package provided by Unity Technologies as it contains an assortment of really great animation clips.

To start off we’ll create the animator controller, not to be confused with the Animation Window. The animator window controls animation states for use in Mecanim. Create a new state in the animator window by right clicking and selecting a new empty state. Change the name to “idle” as this will hold our idle animation clip.

We’ll go over the different settings in the animation clip and how to change the length and the looping settings. The default animation clip we’ll be using is the right length and perfect looping for our purposes. So we’ll add that into our animation state.

We’ll discuss what Foot IK will do for our character and why it’ll improve the realism of the animation clips. For this video we’ll add in one more animation of our character kneeling down for the purposes of showing you how to create transitions.

The transitions will be important to understand as they will be used a lot between the multitude of animation clips you’ll want to use. Since there are only two animations we have no need to create new parameters and will only be using “exit time” as our only condition.

Exit time just ensures that the animation clip in it’s entirely is played before it transitions into a new clip. We’ll also show you how to increase the transition between two different animations and finish off by creating another transition from our crouch animation to our idle animation.


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  1. Thanks so much man I’ve been struggling with fitting my 1st characters with rigging/skinning, but finally at the point where I have a model good enough to work in Unity with the mocap set and this tutorial guided me to finally having a competent model animation woo hoo!

  2. video game club chartier says:


    Your tutorial is very good and clear.

    Many thanks.

    But I have a trouble, if I try to make my character turn more than one lap, the character goes back and stops.
    The state is always Walk but nothing happens and v and h = 1.
    If I stop to move it and restart, the character restarts but can’t turn again. or only on left if it was turning right.

    I try ith V4.6.1 and V4.6.3

    Do you have an idea ?

    • That’s the animation playing in full. If you notice the animation clip itself ends with the character walking backward. Edit the clip so it doesn’t contain this and ensure it looks smoothly with the turning.

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