MakeHuman 1.0 Alpha 8 into Unity

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Create Human Characters Quickly with MakeHuman

In this quick video tutorial we’ll be going over what’s new in MakeHuman 1.0 Alpha 8 release. The previous MakeHuman tutorials still apply as most of the settings are still in the newest version of MakeHuman but the layout has been changed and some things have been added in.

I decided that doing a quick tutorial on how to use this new version of MakeHuman was necessary and it has a lot of great things that’ll help speedup our previous way of importing MakeHuman characters into Unity 3d. You can now export an FBX file and directly import that file into Unity 3d without having to use Blender whatsoever.

You’ll still use a basic rig since it is Mecanim friendly but now you don’t need Blender to export the FBX file for you. This video will cover some of the other new additions to this program to include more clothing options, many more individual body part settings and a more user friendly layout. The quality of the models is also much much better overall.

We’ll show you how to create your character, then import that character directly into Unity 3d and apply our previously created animator controller. In our next video we’ll continue our from where we were previously and show you how to create scripted Mecanim animations.


Software Used

MakeHuman 1.0 Alpha 8


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