Importing MakeHuman with Mecanim in Unity

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Use MakeHuman Characters in Unity

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to import our MakeHuman FBX file into Unity 3d. In this video we’ll go over how to apply the textures and materials to our character along with a few workarounds for some texturing issues you might encounter.

After applying our textures we’ll go over how to make our character Mecanim ready and show you how Unity recognizes various bones in our simple rig. It’s very important that you follow the MakeHuman configuration settings from previous videos as they will ultimately determine whether or not your rig is Mecanim friendly or a nightmare to work with.

After going through the bones we also take  a look at the muscle settings that provide the range of motion for our character and how to adjust those settings for a more custom feel. The next video will go more in depth with Mecanim to include using the Animator Controller and setting up animations for our character.

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    I am unable to apply textures to materials in unity 5.1.1f1 as u shown at 1.59/9.45 min of time.i am unable to find the image box after offset.could u show us how import human in unity 5.1.1f1 plz

    • You just apply it to the “albedo” slot on the standard shader. The standard shader combines a lot of the older shaders into one that allows you to assign multiple texture maps to one shader. This shader will have a slot for albedo (you can assign diffuse here), normal, height, specular/metallic, etc.


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