Getting Started with UFPS in Unity

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Quickly Make a First Person Shooter with Ultimate FPS (UFPS)

UFPS is a powerful tool to help you create any type of first person game with a vast amount of flexibility. In this video we will be going over the basics of using UFPS (Ultimate FPS) to include using player prefabs, weapon settings, states and much more. Starting off with the “Simple Player” prefab, we’ll take a look at the various scripts used for the different components of our character.

Things like adjusting the camera view, moving the weapon to your desired location and adding in sound effects. Next we’ll look at how states work and how you can create your own for custom movements such as reloading, zoom and more. We’ll end by looking at some specific items like adjusting the delay in firing weapons, or increasing the spread of a weapon to simulate a shotgun.

We will also briefly look at the “Advanced Player” prefab that has a few more weapons, including a melee style “mace”, and also has GUI elements such as a crosshair and basic HUD that displays health and ammo status.

There are many settings you can use in UFPS to create a very specific range of effects. You can create a first person shooter, or create a first person adventure game. This is one of many videos to follow that will go over what you’ll need to know in order to create awesome first person games in Unity 3d.

Tools Used

Ultimate FPS (UFPS) by Vision Punk

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