Footsteps in UFPS

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Textures and the Footstep Manager

In this video we’ll go over how to use the “Footstep Manager” in UFPS to setup footstep audio clips. There are a few ways to set this up but you’ll need to ensure that the footstep manager has the textures you’ll want for specific audio clips. For this tutorial we’ll just be using the default audio clips included but you can feel free to setup your own.

In our scene we have a few different platforms setup including a grass and gravel area. By default the footstep manager has three groups; rock, grass, and gravel. We’ll start off by applying our tiled textures we use on the floor and the stair platform. Since we’re using the default textures for the grass and gravel these should be working from the get go, but you can open up the grass and gravel groups to see them. The footstep manager works with a collider and texture to determine what sound clip to play, so you’ll need to ensure your object has a collider.

Most of the objects in our scene use mesh colliders which will work just fine for this tutorial. You may encounter an issue when using the footstep manager in which your colliders are not being recognized like we did in this tutorial. There are a few ways to alleviate this issue. One is to use the “vp_Surface Identifier” which allows you to manually determine which objects will use footstep audio clips.

The issue with using this is that it only allows you to select the “rock” group from the drop down and nothing else. So this is only useful if you’re just using that group alone. If you want something more custom you’ll need to use a box collider to ensure the player comes in contact with the object. This is just the basics of using the footstep manager so you can customize it as you’d like.

Software Used

UFPS by VisionPunk

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