First Person Rigged Animations in Blender

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Learn How to Animate a First Person Rig in Blender

In this Blender tutorial we’ll be going over the basics of creating a rigged animation for our first person mesh. This is part three of our tutorial series and this time we’ll start animating our character using a knife to simulate a slashing attack along with an idle and defensive state.

We’ll go over how to rig the knife to use constraints to connect to our armature then take a look at how to pose for various frames of our animation. We’ll create a series of animations together and just separate them out.

We’ll edit these animations within Unity so there’s no need to create completely separate animations for each action we want to create.

Knife Model

Blend File with Armature

rigNoPose.blend (zip file containing .blend file)

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  1. Bertrand Alexander says:

    Thanks for the work you put into this. This is such a big help!

  2. thanks man just thanks ive been trying to look for a good tut and base rig because i stink at modeling

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