Firefly particle system in Unity

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Glowing Fireflies with the Shuriken Particle System

In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll show you how to create a firefly effect in Unity3d using the Shuriken particle system. This tutorial uses the default materials found within Unity3d. We’ll start off with a simple particle system that will have a very short lifetime to essentially create a “glowing” particle that fades in and out.

Using a plane to spawn these particles we can easily apply this particle system to the banks of our river. We adjust the color to a greenish yellowish material for our particles which will act individual fireflies. Once completed we’ll duplicate this particle system and align it along the bank of our river.

We can also increase the size of the plane the cover a large distance then apply this to your entire scene. Ensure that you have enough particles being spawned if you do increase the size of the plane.


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