Custom weapon and ammo pickups in UFPS

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Create Ammo Pickups and Custom Weapons for UFPS

In this UFPS tutorial we’ll take a look at how to create custom item types for our M4A1 rifle pick up and custom ammo pickups using a mesh specific to the rifle. We first start off by creating two items, a unit and unit bank. The Unit will be our ammo or in this case our rifle bullet. Since we are creating a new unit we can have multiple ammo types in our game for specific weapons.

After creating the unit we’ll create a unit bank which will be for our M4A1 rifle. A unit bank is essentially any weapon that can accept units, or in other words a firearm. So we’ll create our M4A1 unit bank and assign our previously created “rifle bullet” to the unit slot. This will ensure that only the rifle bullets can be used by this rifle and no other ammo type.

We’ll finish off by creating the physical pickups themselves. Using the mesh of the entire rifle and the magazine itself, we’ll place them in our scene. We’ll then add a “item pickup” script which will automatically add a sphere collider. We’ll also need to associate each pickup with it’s item type. Now you can create custom item pickups in UFPS!

Software Used

Ultimate FPS by VisionPunk


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