Crazy Bump Normal Maps in Unity3d

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Create Detailed Textures with CrazyBump

In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll show you how to use Crazy Bump to create normal maps for Unity3d. You can create normal maps without Crazy Bump but after using this simple program you’d be crazy, no pun intended (well maybe), not to use it. We’ll go over the basics of getting started with this program by importing a few textures of our own and creating normal maps to be used in our scenes.

We’ll discuss the multitude of settings you can play around with to give you a much more realistic and awesome looking effect from a simple texture. Once we’ve created what we want, we’ll save our normal map and import them into Unity3d.

By default Unity3d will want to add it’s own normal map features so you want to make sure you uncheck create from grayscale if you forget to do this you’ll end up with a subpart looking normal map. Unchecking this will let us use our own normal map from Crazy Bump. Create a material and make sure you change the shader to bumped diffuse.

Now you could use bumped specular, but you’ll end up with a shiny looking material. Only use bumped specularĀ for textures that will have a shine, like painted materials or glass. With your shader select just drag and drop your materials into the slots provided. You should have two; the one at the top being the diffuse, and the bottom being your normal map.

The diffuse map is simply the 2d image of your texture. You should see a quick preview onto a sphere at the bottom of your material properties panel. Adjust the tiling as you see fit then apply it to your object. It’s as simple as that, and now you can create some amazingly realistic scenes solely from “bump maps” aka normal maps.


Software Required

Crazy Bump (PC/Mac)


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