Clothes, Skin, Hair and Exporting in MakeHuman

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Customize Human Characters in MakeHuman

This is part two of our MakeHuman character creating video tutorial. In our first video we left off with our naked male character so we’ll give him some clothes, new skin and even take a look at hair settings. We’ll discuss how you can apply pre-rendered facial expression to our character from the library available to us in MakeHuman.

Then we’ll apply some clothes to our character along with some shoes to cover up his body. The clothes in this tutorial will tend to “bleed” through into the mesh of the actual human character but we’ll be addressing that issue once we jump into Blender. We’ll show you how to apply a different skin tone to our character along with how to apply the different hair styles available to us.

This will be a fairly short video tutorial and will end with how to export our character for use in Blender. Since this model will ultimately end up in Unity 3d we need to ensure that a Mecanim friendly rig is applied to our character so we’ll go over the settings we need in order to optimize our character for both Blender and Unity 3d.


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