Mecanim Tips: Fixing Finger Bones

Having issues with your rigged character’s finger bones? A common question I get regarding rigged humanoid characters in Unity is that often times Unity will not know how to properly assign finger bones to their correct slot. While trying to get your rig setup for Mecanim you’ll notice that the rig shows up green, indicating […]

Creating a Start Menu in Unity 5

What’s the first thing players see in your game? The start menu! In this Unity tutorial we’ll take a look at creating a simple start menu in Unity 4.6 and above. This start menu will contain two buttons, one to play our first level and one to exit our game. If we click on exit […]

Firefly particle system in Unity

Glowing Fireflies with the Shuriken Particle System In this Xenosmash tutorial we’ll show you how to create a firefly effect in Unity3d using the Shuriken particle system. This tutorial uses the default materials found within Unity3d. We’ll start off with a simple particle system that will have a very short lifetime to essentially create a […]

Raycast, Bullet Holes, and Random Arrays

Randomize Bullet Holes with Arrays In this Unity tutorial we will be going over a few different things. First we’ll discuss how to create a Raycast that we’ll apply to the front of our weapon. Then we’ll create bullet hole textures that will be randomly instantiated from an array using random.range in our script. This is […]

Unity Pro Video Textures

Use Video Clips as Textures In this Unity Pro tutorial we will be showing you how to create video textures and apply them to game objects in Unity Pro. We’ll also create a script to play two separate videos on our TV screen models. In this video we have a simple scene set up with a […]

Unity Pro Image Effects: Global Fog

Create a Spooky Atmosphere with Global Fog In this Unity tutorial we will go over how to use the global fog image effect in Unity Pro. This fog effect creates a much more realistic effect opposed to the basic fog settings found under the “render settings”. The pro version of “Global Fog” gives you much more […]

Unity Pro Image Effects: Sun Shafts (God Rays)

Amplify Lighting Effects with Sun Shafts In this Unity Pro tutorial we will continue with our Image Effects tutorial series using Unity Pro. We will be going over how to create sun shafts which are also known as “God Rays”. To get started you need to import the “image effects” package into your project. This package […]

Unity Pro Image Effects: Depth of Field Scatter

Adding Visual Depth In this Unity Pro tutorial we will be using Unity Pro and we will be going over how to use the Depth of Field Scatter image effect. This is the up to date image effect that can be applied to our camera to give us realistic “depth” to our objects in our game. […]