Blender Animations into UFPS

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Let’s use custom Blender animations in UFPS

In this UFPS tutorial we’ll take a look at how to import animations that we’ve created within Blender and edit them to be used within UFPS. For this tutorial we’ll be sticking with just a reload animation as the concept for adding other animations is exactly the same.

The rigged mesh will be exported from Blender as an FBX file then imported into Unity.After some quick adjustments to the import settings we’ll then jump into the rig and animations section.


Rig Setup and Animations

UFPS uses Legacy animations so we’ll be setting the rig type to Legacy as opposed to “Generic” or “Humanoid” which are both Mecanim capable. Once you’ve selected Legacy you can then save your changes and you’ll notice that the prefab now has an animation component applied to it rather than an animator component.

We’ll take a look at the animation section and since the animation clip does not require any trimming we’ll just play it using the preview button at the bottom.


Using Animation Clips in UFPS

We’ll quickly setup our Advanced Player then insert the animation clip into the appropriate reload slot. Make sure you delete the “reload state” otherwise you’ll have both the reload state and animation play simultaneously.

If your mesh is too big for your advanced player you can adjust the size of it. Make sure you adjust the position of the mesh as well so it looks appropriate for the character. Once you’ve added the reload animation you’ll notice a sound clip along with a slot for the timing of the reload animation.

It’ll be set to 1 for one second and determines how quickly the reload function is “played” and has nothing to do with the actual animation. The animation being used in this video is set to just under 1 second long so it should be fine. If you need to increase or decrease the reload length in this slot adjust it so it matches your animation.

It has more to do with the reload function adjusting the ammo count. Now start playing the game, pick up some ammo and press “r” on the keyboard to reload and you should see your reload animation playing.

Done! now you should have a good understanding of how to use animations within UFPS.The concept is the same for all other animation types including the “ambient” animation slots which is just an idle animation essentially.


Assets Used


Ultimate FPS (UFPS) by VisionPunk

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